Our companies:
Amor Group


  • Provider of software products, services and business technology solutions to three core sectors: Energy, Transport and Public sector
  • Derives revenues from support and maintenance of client systems and the sale of its own software products. 60% of revenues from Oil & Gas operators and service companies

Key facts

Sector: Technology
Location: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dubai, and Houston
Status: Realised
Website: www.amorgroup.com

Why we invested:

  • The management team of John Innes, Scott Leiper and David Blyth was very impressive. John is a charismatic and effective leader with a clear vision for the business. There was an equally impressive second tier of management to¬†execute the plan
  • Niche position in attractive growing markets underpinned by regulatory trends in efficiency and safety
  • Diversified and resilient blue chip customer base

The deal

Size at investment: £27.8m
Bought from: Sword Group
Date of investment: May 2009
Deal type: MBO
GCP board member: James Blake

How we made a difference:

  • GCP provided a flexible funding solution, which enabled third party debt capacity to be utilised for acquisitive growth, and management to have a significant equity stake. Delivered at a time when most funding markets were closed
  • Appointed Neville Davis as chairman to help drive strategic growth and simplification of the business across three core sectors
  • Worked with management to identify and assess acquisition targets and to develop the international growth strategy
  • GCP drove the exit agenda with management that resulted in the sale to Lockheed Martin who saw the opportunity to extend and strengthen their existing capabilities in the UK

Amor turnover

“The guys at GCP put an enormous effort into building a great relationship with us and the vendor which was key to getting the deal done.”

John Innes, CEO Amor Group

Exit result

Size: Not disclosed
Sold to: Lockheed Martin
Date of exit: Sept 2013
IRR: Not disclosed
Money multiple: Not disclosed