Why choose us

  • “Their straightforward, partnership approach was a key factor in us choosing them as our first external investor.”

    Adrian Ryan, Founder and CEO of FLYdocs Systems

  • “GCP’s financial input combined with their support for our growth strategy will help us to achieve our objectives within a tighter time frame.”

    Andrew Bennion, Managing Director, AI

  • “GCP has been a supportive investor and worked closely with us from the outset.”

    Simon Armes-Reardon, Managing Director, Entec

  • “GCP has a great reputation for enabling companies to achieve their potential.”

    Chris Laslett, Co-Founder and CEO of Chaucer

  • “GCP provided the capital we needed to achieve our ambitious expansion plans.”

    Alastair Stewart, Managing director, etc. venues

  • “GCP provided the new investment needed to fuel the plans we have to expand the business.”

    Andy Inglis, founder of Scopus Engineering

  • “The guys at GCP put an enormous effort into building a great relationship with us and the vendor which was key to getting the deal done.”

    John Innes, CEO Amor Group

  • “GCP provided all the funding on the deal, saving a huge amount of time. This enabled us to come to an agreement quickly and efficiently.”

    Richard Downs, Founder and Chief Executive, Iglu

  • “GCP has a very strong track record of helping businesses deliver on their growth plans.”

    Oliver Dennis, Co-founder of Fishawack

We can provide all of the funding:

  • we’re fast at making decisions
  • we get deals done

We’re straightforward:

  • we operate with integrity and always do what we say we will do
  • we’re down-to-earth, honest and approachable

We’re focused on people:

  • we place great store on developing close working relationships
  • we will work as a cohesive team, in partnership with you

We won’t take over:

  • one of our people will sit on your board, but we won’t run your day-to-day operations

We can make a difference:

  • we will support and advise you
  • we can help you to grow the value of your business

We provide, flexible patient capital:

  • we invest in equity and debt, tailoring the deal to suit your business and your growth plans
  • our approach means we can make more equity available for management

We’re an SME specialist:

  • we are well established in the SME market with a deep understanding of, and excellent track record in, this sector