Published April 2, 2024

Effective use of AI for marketing teams

As AI tools continue to drive innovation across business functions, management teams across the GCP portfolio have been developing ways to implement them safely and efficiently into existing workflows. Across sectors and industries, senior marketing leaders we partner with have been finding unique use-cases for AI tools and shared their insights at the recent GCP Portfolio Marketing Forum.

Leveraging teams and tools for greater output

A key benefit of implementing AI marketing tools is the ability to allow smaller marketing teams to amplify their voice and make the most of their resources. By utilising Chat GPT and other tools specifically tailored to marketing professionals, a growing range of use cases is emerging:

  • Creating written content for the business, using archived content to build voice and tone profiles for specific authors or the business’ voice
  • Generating or editing imagery for marketing output
  • Creating or growing relevant publication lists for PR activities
  • Fine-tuning SEO keyword lists
  • Developing user personae for key audiences, as well as predicting how those audiences will respond to different marketing channels
  • Generating simple video content to accompany social media
  • Developing marketing plans to coincide with sector events and wider trends

These use cases enable marketing teams to expand the range of output and their efficiency but importantly without denigrating the quality of the materials or marketing messages.

Staying innovative with PE support

A key focus of GCP portfolio marketing leadership is remaining abreast of developments in technology solutions that provide value and enhance marketing effectiveness.

The game changing potential for AI to be applied and have significant business impact and value is undeniable. The key is to ensure this solves real business problems and creates practical solutions as opposed to “hype” and wasted cost and effort.

With access to leading edge technology expertise across the GCP portfolio in outstanding growth businesses such as Hippo, Bridewell, Robiquity, 101 Ways and Container Solutions, the GCP Marketing Portfolio Day allows this expertise to be shared between the portfolio management teams and we are delighted to facilitate and support such exciting and highly valuable collaboration.