Responsible Investing
Doing the right thing for people and the planet

GCP Responsible Investing Framework.

Our Responsible Investment Framework was developed to guide and instruct how we work with outstanding technology and services businesses to deliver positive and sustainable value.

That includes focused practical actions to help people development, society, the environment and positive business disciplines.


Maintaining cultures of transparent and open communication


Building robust reporting structures and processes


Ensuring businesses are prepared and resilient

Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprints to combat climate change


Implementing sustainable waste management plans

Sustainable Business

Doing business with the long-term future in mind


Giving back to the local communities that we work with


Encouraging, promoting, and celebrating diversity across the board


Providing opportunities for underrepresented groups


Training and upskilling staff to provide continuous development


Motivating employees to pursue the aims of the business


Ensuring a positive workplace culture for all employees

Highlights from our partner businesses.

The outstanding growth companies that we work with are invested and involved in each responsible investing initiative, working with industry programmes, regulatory bodies, and charities to deliver meaningful impact.

It is through these focused and effective partnerships that we believe we can do the most good with the platforms that we have.

Responsible Investing Updates.