Published September 1, 2020

GCP supports Advanced Insulation with merger with Bardot

Advanced Insulation strengthens Subsea growth opportunities with Bardot Group acquisition.

Bardot Group is a specialist engineer and designer who are based in southern France. Bardot Group was established in 1997 and specialises in the production of moulded polyurethane strategic components for offshore oil and gas. 

Already a leading provider of subsea products, Advanced Insulation is strengthening their Subsea division with the acquisition of Bardot, a French-based specialist who engineer and design all S.U.R.F functions based on polymers, syntactic or steel technologies.

As part of the acquisition, a new company, AIS Bardot has been created. They will operate independently but collaborate with Advanced Insulation to bring a wider range of products to both company’s customers.

Andrew Bennion, Group Managing Director, commented: “This acquisition perfectly aligns with our growth strategy and meets criteria that we have already set out including: technology that complements our existing business, strong customer base and the ability to leverage our effective operating model.

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