Published June 21, 2023

Bridewell champions female leaders in Cyber Security

GCP portfolio company Bridewell’s Director of Consulting, Cyber Security, Emma Leith took part in the Breaking Barriers session on Women’s Leadership and success in Cyber Security, hosted by Microsoft Security.

As an industry that has historically had a severe male dominance bias, we are seeing gradual change as females now represent 22% of the total workforce and 12% of those in senior roles. Emma and the other panellists discussed the benefits of diverse leaders and clients, as well as how businesses can improve their inclusion from the ground up.

Part of the value creation focus of GCP’s partnership with Bridewell included investment in people operations, including recruitment, employee engagement, and the introduction of an apprenticeship scheme.

Richard Shaw, Partner, GCP, commented:

“Emma and Bridewell have been championing diversity in cyber security for some time now, and the fruit of their labour is showing through. As a team of around 200 people with offices across the UK and US, it’s always great to be a part of the process as the team continues to grow and flourish. This internal focus then translates into a really positive mindset when delivering value for clients across the globe.”

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