• Sector: Business Services, Technology
  • Location: Midlands
  • Website: www.johnhenrygroup.co.uk
  • Date of investment: Jun-16
  • GCP board members: James Blake, Richard Penston


  • Provider of telecoms infrastructure services, maintenance of existing and developer of new networks
  • Best in class quality and breadth of service and long-standing relationships with most network operators
  • Based in Cambridgeshire, with operations across the UK

Why we invested

  • We are backing an experienced team with deep sector knowledge who are hungry to develop the business further
  • Track record of high margin revenue growth and cash generation that looks set to continue
  • Positive market drivers and strong growth potential, driven by increased demand for broadband services
  • Market leading position and strong barriers to entry, with excellent track record, customer relationships, and a reputation for innovation

How we are making a difference

  • Flexible GCP structure enabled the existing shareholders to realise some value, re-balance the equity ownership and access capital to support the growth of the business
  • GCP funded the entire transaction, with no external debt, underpinning the deliverability of the deal and providing a strong foundation for growth
  • Providing access to a broad network of contacts, to further develop management systems and diversify revenue streams / support growth plans

GCP has a great reputation for enabling companies to achieve their potential and we look forward to working with them towards building our team and increasing our customer base and range of services

Pat Henry CEO, John Henry Group