GTS Flexible Materials

Manufacturer of adhesives and flexible laminates

Wales & South West
Date of investment
July 2020
GCP team members
Contributing Sustainable Development Goals


GTS is a specialist manufacturer of adhesives and flexible materials for the automotive, renewables and power generation industries. They are a highly recognised and differentiated brand with over 50 years of technical know-how and experience. End users include flexible circuits for the automotive industry including battery interconnect circuits for Electric Vehicles and laminated busbars for safe and efficient distribution of power in industrial applications.

We are backing a highly experienced management team with a robust plan for growth.

Our investment partnership

GTS has an established and differentiated market position as a manufacturer of specialist technical products. They have built long term, embedded customer relationships with a focus on technical support and product evolution.

They are well positioned to take advantage of growing end market opportunities, particularly in battery production for electric vehicles, the trends in the shift towards renewable energy and increasing electrification of transportation.

Strategic support through our Growth Toolkit

Since our investment we have closely supported Chris, Stephan and their team with a number of strategic growth initiatives, leveraging our Growth Toolkit and Network:

People & Organisation

  • Recruitment of an experienced industrial manufacturing sector Chair
  • Supported with significant investment in the wider management and operational teams, helping to define an effective and future proofed organisational structure
  • Support for employee engagement initiatives, people development and retention strategies and investment in the People/ HR function
  • Widened equity participation amongst the team through a new equity options scheme

Funding for growth

  • GCP funded the entire deal at completion with a flexible capital structure to suit the needs of the business and shareholders, underpinning the deliverability of the deal
  • GCP led a refinance process to secure a flexible banking package including a capex facility to underpin future investments in operations and processes

Driving Growth

  • Development of a detailed strategic plan used to guide investment across all areas of the business post investment
  • Supported continued investment in the research and development of new market leading products and alternative input materials
  • Supported the expansion of the manufacturing footprint to increase production capacity including significant investment in new plant and machinery

Systems & Processes

  • Undertaken a detailed manufacturing process and quality review and implemented lean manufacturing processes and training
  • Recruitment of CFO and subsequent finance function development

Doing the right thing - our role in sustainable investing

GTS supplies advanced materials to a range of automotive and industrial customers, with end applications almost always linked to electrification (e.g. battery interconnects in Electric Vehicles, wind turbines, electric trains) – a key pillar of the drive towards net zero globally.

GTS places significant emphasis on employee wellbeing, training and health and safety. Given its manufacturing footprint, environmental considerations are front of mind.

  • Supported investment in new manufacturing equipment which will lead to more efficient use and recovery of production inputs, leading to lower energy consumption and environmental output.
  • Developed a suite of employee health, safety and people KPIs.
  • Launched an employee engagement survey process.

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