Published August 9, 2023

Addressing the cyber security talent gap

Bridewell, the GCP-backed leading cyber security services business, recently published a thought leadership piece by on the talent challenges facing the industry and how they can be resolved.

Core to the issues facing the industry are a talent pool that is not sufficient for the demands of the rapidly growing sector, a lack of diversity in the talent pool that will restrict expansion, and the burnout that this will cause for existing staff as workloads increase.

With a workforce where women make up only 17% of the workforce, neurodivergent people represent only 12%, and physically disabled people only 7%, the sector needs to look at underrepresented groups to expand its resource of prospective talent.

A key value creation focus of the Bridewell investment partnership has been development of people operations, including recruitment, engagement, and the bringing new talent into the industry. Working groups for underrepresented groups have also supported employees from these communities to thrive at Bridewell. This includes working groups for women, neurodivergent staff, and the LGBTQ+ community, among others.

Ravi Monteiro, Investment Director, GCP, commented:

“Very early on into our partnership with Bridewell, talent was identified as a key lever for improving the business and creating value. A concerted focus on diversity and the introduction of an apprenticeship scheme has allowed us to bring newcomers into the industry and the company in a way that they feel supported and valued.”

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