Published August 24, 2023

Hippo Digital partners with Code First Girls to bring new female talent into the business 

Hippo Digital’s partnership with Code First Girls (CFG) is aimed at supporting new female talent into the digital services industry through training, education and practical experience. Hippo’s CFG graduates have made a very positive impact within the business and for the clients that they go on to support.

New talent development is at the heart of Hippo’s growth. Through the CFG partnership and through Hippo’s own Digital Academy, the GCP-backed digital transformation consultancy aims to develop new talent pools and bring diversity to its industry.

Alex Thomson, Partner, GCP, said:

“The partnership between Hippo Digital and Code First Girls allows the business to tap into new and diverse talent pools to deliver real value for clients. With candidates taken from CFG and the internal academy, Hippo is able to source and develop the best talent in a highly competitive industry as the team continues to grow. We’re proud to support this fantastic initiative.”