Shorterm Group

Specialist technical engineering recruitment and training company

London, North West, South East
Date of investment
November 2016
GCP team members
Contributing Sustainable Development Goals


Shorterm are a leading specialist technical engineering recruitment and training company, supporting a wide range of household names in the aviation, automotive, utilities and rail sectors in particular.  They have developed a market leading quality service through innovation, flexibility and transparency to make them a trusted partner for its clients.

Based in London with 12 offices and 140 employees across the country, stretching from Doncaster to Southampton.

We backed an experienced senior team supported by a high calibre second tier team, further strengthened by the introduction of a Chairman from our network.

Our investment partnership

Shorterm have a history of strong, high margin revenue growth and excellent cash generation. They have developed a strongly differentiated position with a small share of a very large market, with excellent customer feedback, and a proven ability to grow its share.

Strategic support through our Growth Toolkit

Since our investment we have closely supported Steve Gallucci and Patrick Keenan and their team with numerous strategic growth initiatives, leveraging our Growth Toolkit and Network:

People & Organisation

  • Introduced a Chairman with long experience in the sector to help shape and deliver the strategy
  • Developed the wider senior leadership team to provide bandwidth for growth
  • Enabled wider equity participation across the business

Funding for growth

  • GCP provided an acquisition facility to accelerate growth
  • We supported a refinancing to return capital to investors

Driving Growth

  • Bolt on acquisitions to break into new sectors including training for water utilities, installation of smart meters and EV charging points
  • Supported the tender for a record 5-year contract with the largest customer

Systems & Processes

  • Development of KPI’s and forward indicators
  • Enhancing social media and web presence as a tool for bringing in candidates, as well as customers

Doing the right thing - our role in sustainable investing

  • Shorterm have supported key clients by setting up and staffing Covid testing centres.
  • They have also provided apprenticeship training courses to reskill or upskill young people into engineering qualifications.
  • The renewable energy division launched in the North East embodies Shorterm’s belief in working to combat climate change at the same time is expanding in a fast-growing sector of offshore wind.

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