James Blake

Managing Partner

I am one of the Founding Partners at GCP and joint Managing Partner. As such I am involved in all aspects of our business, including origination, portfolio management and investor relations.

I have been partnering with owner managers and entrepreneurs in growing businesses for over 24 years, initially with 3i and for the last 18 years at GCP. I have been involved in a broad range of sectors and situations and have been privileged to work with some fantastic people who have taught me a massive amount.

I am currently involved directly with the teams at AIS, John Henry Group, GTS Flexibles, AMG, and Indigo where we are working closely with those companies to accelerate growth. I really enjoy working alongside teams post investment where we can collectively make a difference to the final outcome. Previous recent exits where I sat on the board include Arrow and DMW.

I have an eclectic background for private equity being a non-accountant. My previous life had an operational focus, firstly while serving in the Parachute Regiment post University and then working in industry where I grew and then sold a family run distribution firm.

In addition to my work at GCP I am actively involved in supporting Impetus, a charity focused on improving life chances of less advantaged young people through improved access to education, training and employment. I have enjoyed mentoring young people and helping to unlock opportunities for school leavers.

My family are now grown up so my passion outside work is trying to stay fit and leading the GCP extra-curricular sporting challenges.