Published November 4, 2021

Supporting the Impetus fund and the next wave of professional talent

In a special edition advert within Tuesday’s Financial Times, we were named as one of the supporting partners behind the Impetus fund. Over the last three years we have supported the fund and its partnering charities that are pivotal in helping disadvantaged young people across Britain.

As part of our support, members of the team volunteer to be part of the ‘Into University Mentoring Scheme’. The scheme offers disadvantaged school leavers an opportunity to meet with business professionals to discuss their university and future career options. The aim is to support them when making difficult life choices. Mentoring has always been encouraged at GCP and we recognise that it’s needed to support equal opportunities when developing the next wave of professional talent.

What do we do as a mentor?

Mentors are picked through an application process ensuring that both individuals get what they are looking for out of the scheme. This has meant our mentors have partnered with some impressive individuals showing drive and ambition. They regularly meet face to face or online to discuss their progress.

Engagement from the mentors has included CV & personal statement writing, structured decision making when selecting courses. Along with personality mentoring, giving perspective and developing confidence building.

The structured programme has delivered fantastic results that has included mentees applying to top university’s such as Cambridge and Kings College. With others being approached by the ‘Big City Bright Future’ initiative which is a three-week work experience programme within global businesses.

Why do we do it?

I am a keen supporter of Impetus and their work to improve opportunities for less advantaged young people. Their focus on education, training and full-time employment is key to help address the imbalances that exist in the workplace. The mentoring program is a great way to supplement the education process and help students navigate an unfamiliar world. James Blake, Founding Partner

‘We are in a fortunate position where we have genuine value to add to this programme, so we should. Due to the nature of private equity and our individual experiences at school and university we are fortunate enough to have engaged with people from all walks of life across a multitude of industries giving us a broad and relatively unique knowledge base.’ Michael Gray, Origination Director

‘I didn’t know my current job existed when I was at school and didn’t have the opportunity to find out. Mentoring gives me the chance to support those who need help making the right next steps in their lives. It is rewarding to see them succeed.’ James Handley, Investment Manager

The Impetus fund triathlon

Alongside the mentoring, we recently supported Impetus by taking two teams to compete at their summer fund team relay triathlon event. Raising money for the great work they do.

You can read more about the brilliant work Impetus is doing by visiting their website.

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