Published September 19, 2023

GCP publishes its 2023 ESG Report

Growth Capital Partners has published its first ESG Report as part of its continuously developing commitment to sustainably delivering value and growing businesses.

Having signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRIs) in 2011, we have been regularly reviewing and improving our approach to sustainability across the portfolio. This has been supported by the implementation of our internal ESG policy and the GCP Sustainable Investment Framework.

First Mile’s journey to being B Corp certified, Indigo’s EcoVadis Gold accreditation, and Bridewell’s carbon-negative achievements have all been core to the overall portfolio’s progress on sustainability. The GCP team’s own charity work with Impetus and efforts to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint are also core to GCP’s ESG progress.

John Marsh, Finance Partner, GCP, said:

“I’m proud to be able to share the first GCP ESG Report with our investors and portfolio. It shows the progress that we have made and the platform that we have built to continue delivering tangible value for business, planet, and society. This would not have been possible without the support of our investors and the hard work of our partnered management teams in the portfolio.”

Read it here