Published October 5, 2023

Richard Shaw interview on Waypointers Podcast

Richard Shaw, Partner at GCP joined Martin Ward, Partner at Waypoint Partners on the most recent Waypointers podcast “Technology services businesses: The hidden gems of the software M&A world” to discuss the team’s expertise and experience in digital transformation and software services.

An area of the technology sector that is sometimes overshadowed by SaaS, the discussion focuses on the positive and highly valuable characteristics of tech services business models and the opportunities for growth on an international stage. Through GCP’s investment partnerships with businesses like Hippo, Bridewell, Indigo, Robiquity, Container Solutions, and 101 Ways, the team has developed proven methods to provide clients with quality services that grow into resilient revenue streams.

The GCP team has worked with management teams in the sector for over a decade and is very aware of the potential that software services has to be a leader in the UK’s growing tech sector.