Respecting entrepreneurial success
Collaborative, long term relationships
Aligned for success & supporting growth

We are committed to creating long-term relationships based on trust, to always do what we say we will do and to deliver from the initial discussions, throughout the life of an investment and beyond.

Creating the right investment partnership for you.

We are passionate about business growth and recognise the importance of being easy to deal with. Offering highly valuable strategic support in an agile way.

We believe in trust, chemistry and alignment.

Our approach.

Our approach is to develop true investment partnerships in which we are fully aligned with the teams we back.


Shared ambition for growth is key to our enviable track record of success.


We always do what we say we will do.


We are pragmatic, committed and understanding.


We own our firm so you will always deal with experienced and pragmatic decision makers.


We’re responsive and fast paced, down to earth, friendly and accessible.

People Focused

We place great store on developing close working relationships.

What we bring to the partnership.

We are keen to be involved wherever we can add value, however we focus on strategic support and do not interfere in day to day operations or try to tell management teams what to do. We call this “fitting with the rhythm of your business”.

Our approach to adding value is always tailored to the requirements, priorities and appetite of the business and management teams we partner with.

Our Growth Toolkit.

Over our long track record of supporting business growth, we have developed a “toolkit” of strategic support drivers, that the entrepreneurs we work with can call on to help with their specific needs and business goals.

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Our Growth Network.

Our network has been developed over the 25 years that we have been supporting entrepreneurial businesses.  Managed by our dedicated Network Director, this offers a wide range of additional benefits:

pragmatic, hands on approach to due diligence

business planning and prioritisation

new customers and routes to market

talent recruitment and development

support with operational scaling

leadership mentoring and support

Portfolio News

Commercial Development

  • Succinctly define and evolve go to market approach/ product and service propositions
  • Enhancing strategic marketing & pro-active business development
  • Sales team development and effectiveness
  • Commercial partnerships strategy and connections including introductions from the GCP Network

International Expansion

  • Establishing overseas offices, trading locations and international partnerships
  • Recruitment of overseas leadership, sales and operational talent
  • Navigating legal, regulatory and compliance issues


  • Defining target criteria – UK and International
  • Leveraging the GCP network to identify targets
  • Hands on M&A deal execution, due diligence, funding and integration support

Product Development

  • Evolution of service and product offering
  • Roadmap prioritisation and enhanced KPIs for decision making
  • Investment to develop new service lines and products

Data & Digital

  • Leveraging data to identify revenue opportunities, make better business decisions and reduce costs
  • Introducing partners to improve efficiency, scale, data insight and security of your technology
  • Automation of business processes and digitally led go to market tools

People & Organisation

Talented teams are at the heart of all our activities. Supporting businesses to nurture and develop a people focused growth culture at scale is core to what we do.

Talent recruitment and retention

  • Talent strategy, recruitment programme and onboarding
  • Employee engagement, people engagement and incentivisation
  • Regional and international talent programmes

Learning and development

  • Investment in training programmes, specialist academies and apprenticeships
  • Support for ongoing training programmes, professional accreditations and skills partnerships
  • Mentoring for future business leaders

Career pathways and leadership

  • Hands on support to source senior hires
  • Career development frameworks
  • Building management bandwidth

Succession planning

  • Define and evolve effective organisational structures
  • Developing a “route to the top” for leadership talent and promotions from within
  • A succession ready board ahead of the next transaction

Systems & Processes

To enable continued fast growth at increased scale and create management bandwidth, investment in appropriate systems and processes is often crucial and a key value driver.

Finance function

  • Building and strengthening the finance team
  • Development of KPI’s and forward indicators to provide better insight and evidence progress
  • Investment in new technology and systems to automate reporting and information

Sales Process

  • CRM upgrades and implementations
  • Lead generation and marketing automation tools
  • Pipeline, forecasting and tracking

Scaling of operations

  • International supply chains
  • Investment in manufacturing site, plant and machinery to expand production capacity
  • Redesign of lean manufacturing operations/factory floor workflow

Operational controls

  • Professional services automation tools
  • Software/Product development team efficiencies and collaboration tools Data analytics and BI tools

Funding for growth

The flexible funding solutions we put in place ensure that the business is not constrained in its growth plans and that there is significant further funding capacity to accelerate or make step changes.

  • GCP relationships, experience and support to execute bank/senior debt financing
  • Flexible structure to accommodate the right funding package for the business
  • Follow on funding for M&A, from opportunistic acquisitions to buy and build strategies

Delivering the best outcomes

Our M&A and investment expertise and experience enables us to play a key role in supporting excellent outcomes, for all stakeholders at the next event.

  • Identifying key growth pillars and developing a value story supported by data
  • Well-articulated and evidenced business plan to maximise value and deliver the best outcome
  • Collaborative approach, with flexibility on timing and exit route (PE, trade or IPO)
  • Hands on support for management throughout the process